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TLE9879 BLDC马达驱动方案
文章来源:永阜康科技 更新时间:2019/11/30 9:51:00
infineon公司的TLE9879QXA40是单片三相马达驱动器,集成了工业标准的ARM® Cortex® M3核,可以实现先进的马达控制算法如磁场定向控制(FOC).TLE9879包括六个全集成的NFET驱动器,通过外接功率NFET来驱动三相马达,电荷泵可以低电压工作,可编程电流和电流斜率控制具有优异的EMC性能.它的外设包括电流传感器,带有用于PWM控制的捕获和比较的同步逐次逼近ADC和16位计时器.此外还集成LIN收发器使得能和通用I/O的设备进行通信.它还包括片上线性电压稳压器给外部负载供电.高度集成的器件包含了模拟和数字功能区块,嵌入的32位微控制器(工作频率高达40MHz)用来系统和接口控制.片上低压降的稳压器用来给内部和外部供电.内部振荡器提供成本效益的时钟,特别适合于LIN通信.而LIN收发器用作通信接口.还集成了具有外接MOSFET的马达桥或BLDC马达桥的驱动级,具有PWM功能,保护特性和电荷泵特性,其10位SAR ADC实现高精度传感器测量,而8位ADC用来诊断测量.单电源5.5 V- 27 V工作,工作温度Tj = -40℃到+150℃,具有AEC 认证,主要用在汽车马达驱动如泵和风扇.本文介绍了TLE9879QXA40主要特性,框图,系统控制单元-数字模块框图和Cortex-M3框图,评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3主要特性,框图,电路图,元件放置图和PCB设计图.
The TLE9879QXA40 is a single chip 3-Phase motor driver that integrates the industry standard ARM® Cortex® M3core, enabling the implementation of advanced motor control algorithms such as field-oriented control.
It includes six fully integrated NFET drivers optimized to drive a 3-Phase motor via six external power NFETs, acharge pump enabling low voltage operation and programmable current along with current slope control foroptimized EMC behavior. Its peripheral set includes a current sensor, a successive approximation ADCsynchronized with the capture and compare unit for PWM control and 16-bit timers. A LIN transceiver is also integrated to enable communication to the device along with a number of general purpose I/Os. It includes anon-chip linear voltage regulator to supply external loads.It is a highly integrated automotive qua
lified device enabling cost and space efficient solutions for mechatronicBLDC motor drive applications such as pumps and fans.
This highly integrated circuit contains analog and digital functional blocks. An embedded 32-bit microcontroller isavailable for system and interface control. On-chip, low-dropout regulators are provided for internal and externalpower supply. An internal oscillator provides a cost effective clock that is particularly well suited for LINcommunications. A LIN transceiver is available as a communication interface. Driver stages for a Motor Bridge orBLDC Motor Bridge with external MOSFET are integrated, featuring PWM capability, protection features and acharge pump for operation at low supply voltage. A 10-bit SAR ADC is implemented for high precision sensormeasurement. An 8-bit ADC is used for diagnostic measurements.
The Micro Controller Unit supervision and system protection (including a reset feature) is complemented by aprogrammable window watchdog. A cyclic wake-up circuit, supply voltage supervision and integrated temperaturesensors are available on-chip.
All relevant modules offer power saving modes in order to support automotive applications connected to terminal30. A wake-up from power-save mode is possible via a LIN bus message, via the monitoring input or using aprogrammable time period (cyclic wake-up).
Featuring LTI, the integrated circuit is available in a VQFN-48-31 package with 0.5 mm pitch, and is designed towithstand the severe conditions of automotive applications.
The TLE9879QXA40 has several operation modes mainly to support low power consumption requirements.

• 32 bit ARM Cortex M3 Core
– up to 40 MHz clock
– one clock per machine cycle architecture
• On-chip memory
– 128 kByteFlash including
– 4 kByte E
EPROM (emulated in Flash)
– 512 Byte 100 Time Programmable Memory (100TP)
– 6 kByte RAM
– Boot ROM for startup firmware and Flash routines
• On-chip OSC and PLL for clock generation
– PLL loss-of-lock detection
• MOSFET driver including charge pump
• 10 general-purpose I/O Ports (GPIO)
• 5 analog inputs, 10-bit A/D Converter (ADC1)
• 16-bit timers - GPT12, Timer 2, Timer 21 and Timer 3
• Capture/compare unit for PWM signal generation (CCU6)
• 2 full duplex serial interfaces (UART) with LIN support (for UART1 only)
• 2 synchronous serial channels (SSC)
• On-chip debug support via 2-wire SWD
• 1 LIN 2.2 transceiver
• 1 high voltage monitoring input
• Single power supply from 5.5 V to 27 V
• Extended power supply voltage range from 3 V to 28 V
• Low-dropout voltage regulators (LDO)
• High speed operational amplifier for motor current sensing via shunt
• 5 V voltage supply for external loads (e.g. Hall sensor)
• Core logic supply at 1.5 V
• Programmable window watchdog (WDT1) with independent on-chip clock source
• Power saving modes
– MCU slow-down Mode
– Sleep Mode
– Stop Mode
– Cyclic wake-up Sleep Mode
• Power-on and undervoltage/brownout reset generator
• Overtemperature protection
• Short circuit protection
• Loss of clock detection with fail safe mode entry for low system power consumption
• Temperature Range Tj = -40℃ to +150℃
• Package VQFN-48 with LTI feature
• Green package (RoHS compliant)
• AEC qualified



图3. Cortex-M3框图


评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3
This board provides a simple, easy-to-use tool for getting famil
iar with Infineon’s Embedded Power ICTLE9879QXA40 (further to be named: TLE9879). It contains the TLE9879 and its typical application circuitincluding three MOSFET half bridges to drive a BLDC motor. The board is ready to connect with car supply orsimilar and has an onboard J-Link debugger.
All relevant chip pins are connected to pin headers at the edge of the board, where signals can be probed orapplied directly (see Table 2, Table 3). By different jumper settings LEDs can be put in parallel to several portsand selected functions can be configured (see Table 6). Push button switches allow easy hardware reset and triggering of the MON input. There are intended test points for all six gate driver pins, for measurements at theshunt, VDDC and several ground points on the evaluation board (see Figure 3). For testing analog signals ADCinputs can be varied by the potentiometer on board. Three phases of motor current can be picked off at a terminal block to connect a DC brushless motor.
The evaluation board can be operated by standard laboratory equipment as power supply and LINcommunication are working via banana jacks. Debugging and UART are provided via an USB interface combinedwith an onboard Segger J-Link (XMC4200). Bidirectional level shifters ensure that the respective XMC pins are in tristate as long as UART or debugging is not used.
An SWD interface is available to use another ISP than the onboard J-Link. To program the TLE9879 via LIN thereis an additional uIO BSL interface (see Table 4). There is a battery LED that indicates that the board is suppliedthe right way. Otherwise reverse polarity protection secures the board from damage by cross connection

图5.评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3外形图

图6.评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3框图

图7.评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3内部连接图

图8.评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3测试点图

图9.评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3其它元件放置点图

图10.评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3电路图(1)

图11.评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3电路图(2)

图12.评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3电路图(3)

图13.评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3电路图(4)

图14.评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3 PCB设计图(1):顶层

图15.评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3 PCB设计图(1):层2

图16.评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3 PCB设计图(1):层3

图17.评估板TLE9879 EvalKit V1.3 PCB设计图(1):底层

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